Prof. Dr. Markus Kröber - Wirbelsäulenchirurgie, Rottweil - Wissenschaft


ISSLS Surgical Dynamic Travelling Fellowship, University of California San Diego.

01/97 - 07/98
Postdoc Research Fellowship, University of California San Francisco.

Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD), PJ-Auslandsaufenthalt,
Harvard Medical School, Boston.

Preise und Nominierungen

Winner Special poster prize ISSLS 2009
Notochordal Nucleus Pulposus Cells: Does Mechanical Loading Affect Their Disappearence?
T Guehring, A Nerlich, M Kroeber, W Richter, G Omlor

Publikationspreis 2005 der Stiftung Orthopädie Heidelberg.
T. Guehring, G. Omlor, H. Lorenz, H. Bertram, E. Steck, W. Richter, C. Carstens, M. Kroeber.
Stimulation of gene expression and loss of anular architecture caused by experimental disc degeneration.
An in vivo animal study. Spine. 2005 Nov 15;30(22):2510-5.

Spine Society of Europe Award. Winning title of the 2003 Best Basic Science Poster.
M. Kroeber, F. Unglaub, W. Campana, C. Carstens. Disc distraction reduces apoptotic cell
numbers in degenerated discs in the lumbar spine: An in vivo study on New Zealand white rabbits. 

Publikationspreis 2001 der Stiftung Orthopädie Heidelberg.
Kroeber, M.W., Diao, E., Shinitschi H., Liebenberg E.Peripherl Nerve Lengthening by controlled isolated Distraction:
A new Animal Model. J of Orth Res. Vol. 19, 1: 36-43, 2001.

Semifinalist Poster Award. EFORT. Juni 1999, Bruessel.
Kroeber M., Court C., Liebenberg E., Lotz J., Bradford D., Ewerbeck V. Effects of Low-Intensity Pulsed
Ultrasound on Apoptosis and Cell Proliferation in Normal and Compressed Mouse Intervertebral Discs.
Semifinalist New Investigator’s Recognition Award.

Semifinalist Poster Award. 46th Orthopaedic Research Society. Februar 1999, Anaheim.
Kroeber, M., J. Lotz, E. Diao. Peripheral Nerve Repair by Controlled Accelerated Distraction: A Rat Model.